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There are a variety of unique and interesting bosses to face in the world of Cuphead. Such as • Sally Stageplay •baroness von Bon Bon Hilda berg Cagney Carnation The root pack Goopy the grande Djimmi The Great Beppi The Clown And more


The first two isles each have five bosses to fight, but the third has seven. The second to last level is a boss rush where players roll dice to detrmines which boss is fought. All bosses in Cuphead have many forms; after a certain amount of damage they change forms, progressively becoming harder.

The Root Pack

Goopy Le Grande

Hilda Berg

Cagney Carnation

Ribby and Croaks

Inkwell Isle II

Baroness Von Bon Bon

Djimmi The Great

Beppi The Clown

Wally Warbles

Grim Matchstick

Inkwell Isle III

Rumor Honeybottoms

Captain Brineybeard

Sally Stageplay

Werner Werman

Dr. kahl's Robot

Cala Maria

The Phantom Express

Inkwell Hell

Boss Rush Level:

The Tipsy Troop

Chips Bettigan

Mr. Wheezy

Pip and Dot

Hopus Pocus

Phear Lap



Mr. Chimes

King Dice

The Devil