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There are a few unique Super Moves in Cuphead which can seriously change the way you play through each world.

Mausoleum I ([edit | edit source]

After beating the first side scroller mission Cuphead unlocks a bridge leading to the first mausoleum. If Cuphead talks to the fishing fish before he goes into the mausoleum, she says she is going to hit Cuphead with the "ol parry move" because "thats how you deal with ghosts round here," and "only nitwits try to shoot ghosts." Afterwards, she tells Cuphead to go away, "you've spoken the fish". Afterwards, when Cuphead enters the Mausoleum, there is an urn in the center of the room saying, "help me!" Waves of pink ghosts, which can only be defeated by parrying, will appear. When Cuphead has dealt with them, the urn opens and a golden floating cup appears. She thanks Cuphead and introduces herself as the Legendary Chalice, and explains her quest for magic, and how those ghosts imprisoned her. The Legendary Chalice gifts our hero with a new ability. However, before she gives it to Cuphead, she mentions the two other mausoleums. After the scene, Cuphead returns to the main map and the first super is unlocked. This is Energy Beam, a horizontal beam that once activatedlasts for a few seconds, unleashing a devastating attack from ground or air.