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Cuphead weapons.jpg

There are a few unique Weapons (or shot types) in Cuphead which can seriously change the way you play through each world. There are a total of six weapons, five of which can be purchased from Porkrind's Emporium for 4 Coins each.

Name Description
Peashooter Standard long-range attack. Acquired by default.
Chaser Homing attack. Does below average damage. Bought at Porkrind's Emporium.
Spread Short-range area-of-effect attack. Does more damage if all bullets connect. Bought at Porkrind's Emporium.
Roundabout Boomerang attack. Bought at Porkrind's Emporium.
Lobber Volley attack. Bullets bounce along the ground. Bought at Porkrind's Emporium.
Charge Single-bullet attack. Holding down attack button increases bullet damage. Bought at Porkrind's Emporium.